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Yasin, the Principal Osteopath, is working & studying across the NHS (currently in emergency medicine) as well as private practice

Exciting news!

We are offering a new service. A visiting NHS consultant osteopath is holding clinics for Shockwave Therapy. 

Click on the link above to find out about this new and exciting service, and how to book. 

Shockwave is a clinically proven, non-invasive, fast and effective treatment for a variety of problems 

Great as an alternative to acupuncture too

"To my current patients - ask me about Shockwave. If I think it will help you, I'll advise you to book that service. Mr Shikotra and I work closely together, always putting patients first, and two heads are better than one for those complex cases"

Let's all work together for the common goal of getting our patients better with the most cost-effective and quickest treatment.

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