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Terms & 

Previously Yasin has been an NHS Osteopathic consultant

Our terms and conditions.
Please note that Yasin tries his level best to provide the best care possible. 


Please read our Corona Virus Policy. The clinic is open. Your safety and health is our priority 


1) Please note only 1 adult can come with you to your appointment. Please do not arrive more than a few minutes early.

2) We will escort you to the clinic room and escort you straight out after your treatment so we can close the clinic between patients to disinfect.
3) Please have transportation ready after your treatment is finished. You will not be able to wait for someone to pick you up, since we have to disinfect. 
4) Under advisement: The clinic will text message all patients that we have come into contact with, if we are positive for COVID, and give you further instructions. You will likely have to go and get tested. Please appreciate we might not be able to call & speak to every patient individually.


5)  If you think we need it - then bring it! Safer to bring a list of your medications, all your medical notes, scan reports, doctors letters etc. The more information we have the better. 

6) Contact & Support: We do not offer email, text or phone support. For any questions, updates on scan/blood results, and to discuss topics of concern, you are required to come into clinic. Please book online, a single session. We believe in face-to-face conversations, assessments and treatments.

7)  Please come appropriately dressed. For example if you have knee problems we will likely need to treat your knee - so jeans or leggings will either need to be removed and a towel will be provided or please bring shorts to get changed into. If you have shoulder/upper back problems - then we will need to examine and likely treat the back. With acupuncture and ultrasound, we cannot treat over clothing.  

8)   Feel free to bring someone with you. Only 1 adult is permitted due to corona policy. Please do not bring children. Thank you for your understanding.


9)One in several thousand patients will get worse with treatments, it's not possible to predict, and we might  have to refer to establish the cause and underlying diagnosis. You will still need to book into clinic so we can assess you and refer on if needed. 

10) No treatments can be guaranteed. It can take between two to five treatments to fully establish diagnosis and efficacy of treatments. Please be patient with your Osteopath. Nearly 20 years of clinical experience, previous NHS consultancy post and lecturer, a great reputation and a clinic with a lot of equipment means he will be trying his very best and has the tools and expertise. 

11) Most cases start to get better within 3 to 5 treatments. If you don't make progress within 5 treatments - we will discuss further options and/or discharge. Exceptions to this are neurological, disc problems and certain inflammatory problems that require a course of radiofrequency, electrical stimulation and/or spinal-traction. We will advise you if this is the case. 

12) Manual medicine is different to general medicine. Your diagnosis and treatments will change. At every stage we will discuss this with you. Please accept that we can't always be 100% certain of any diagnosis or treatment. Rarely can medicine carry these certainties and guarantees. 

13) Informed consent. While we will try our best to explain your diagnosis and treatment, please understand that unless you are medically trained - it's not easy to explain! A few of our patients expect detailed explanations, justifications, discussions and side-effects for every diagnosis & procedure; we ask you politely to find another clinic. We will try our best to explain while we treat, but cannot teach you anatomy, physiology, pathology, epidemiology, MSK medicine, nutritional science, exercise science, etc all within a 25-minute appointment!


14) Please arrive on time. If you're more than 5 minutes late, we might not be able to treat you. We need to allocate time to disinfect the clinic between patients.

15) All appointment need 72 hours notice in order to re-arranged or cancel. 
Please respect this policy. It allows us to provide you with the best treatments, well-maintained equipment and practitioners who are motivated all while keeping prices as low as we can. 

To cancel or re-arrange: simply text 078 55 76 27 21 with your FULL NAME, Date and time of your appointment and state 'Cancel' 

We will refund you on the card that paid, it takes up to 10 days for banks to settle. 

If you need to book again - just go online and make another booking!

16) If you cancel / re-arrange on more than two occasions without at least 5 working days' notice - we reserve the right to refuse to see you again. And if you subsequently book we will not be able to refund. Please call the clinic first to discuss. We might have to put you on a different price plan and modified terms and conditions.


17) Subject to change without prior notice. We will publish all prices on our website for full transparency. Please understand - healthcare is becoming more expensive, and prices are going up across the board. We will not compromise on quality of care, so we will have to adjust costs accordingly. 

Thank you for reading & understanding. We don't have a receptionist, enabling us to keep treatment costs lower and offering the highest quality one-to-one treatments around! 

Yasin smashed N.I.C.E guidelines!! 


He fixed his patients  upto 4 times quicker than the guidelines

We don't charge you extra for using additional equipment

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