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Latest Clinic updates

Who cannot come into the clinic - this list will continually be evaluated - i have highlighted the most common in red

  • If you currently have a cough, the cold, flu or diarrhoea

  • If you have a high temperature

  • If you have a new, continuous cough 

  • If you have a loss of change to your sense of smell or taste

  • If you are currently self-isolating or have been positively tested for Corona (COVID-19)

  • If you have symptoms, please self-isolate for 7 days before coming to the clinic

  • If you live/work with someone who has symptoms; please self isolate for 14 days from the day they first had symptoms before coming to clinic

What happens if you or the clinicians have COVID

  • If you have tested positive within the last 14 days of visiting the clinic - please call us urgently. Leave a message if you can't get through, stating your name and that you've been tested positive. 

  • If the clinicians test positive we will text all patients immediately with further instructions. This is an ongoing policy, so please bare with us. We might not be able to ring everyone individually.

For those that can come to the clinic - how is our clinic ensuring your safety?

Yasin, The senior clinician at TownOsteo is going above and beyond to ensure your safety. 

  • Air Filtration system

  • COVID-19 appears to suspend in air for several hours, and can be expelled while breathing even if you aren't showing symptoms. 

  • We have installed air filtration units in the treatment room and common areas to ensure the air is scrubbed clean of COVID-19,

  • Not every filter system will do the job, due to the size of the viral particle - 0.125microns!

  • Our filter systems have been carefully chosen, and we have 3 different brands to double down on ensuring safety 

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

    • We have special masks, gloves and lab coats to keep you and us safe. 

    • We also have a washing machine on-sight to ensure clinic gowns and towels are one use only and continually washed. 

  • Hygiene

    • We have a variety of cleaning agents to disinfect the clinic after every patient.

    • We have booked out extra time after every patient to disinfect. We do this ourselves to ensure a proper job

    • We have bought a steriliser unit to clean masks, electrodes etc between patients


    • We are only accepting online bookings to prevent the virus being introduced into the clinic from the surface of notes and coins. ​

    • As part of our paperless clinic campaign & best practice strategies - everything has moved online! From patient notes, receipts, letters etc. 

Even though we have stringent policies in place to protect you, there is still a risk of catching COVID-19, but probably less than when food shopping (We have 3 air filter systems, we're masked and suited, and clean the clinic between each patient!). When booking - you will have to accept this risk 

90:10 RULE 

Our Objectives

  1. Continually invest in the clinic to offer our patients the very best in equipment, treatments and services

  2. Reception free - to lower staffing costs and pass those savings onto you

  3. Offer the best free resources to the community to promote health and wellbeing. These resources will help support patient care and enable us to offer even more after-care advice

  4. Become a paperless & environmentally conscious clinic

In order to achieve these 4 objectives we are adopting the 90:10 Rule. We will actively refer 10% of our patients to other practices. Patients that, for example, cannot book online, or want to pay in cash only. This will ensure we have the resources to invest in and grow the 90%. Offering the very best in treatments, equipment and educational material. 

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