Written testimonials


I approached the clinic on a problem with my instep and lower calf muscle. Within being seen in the first session it resolved the calf problem and the instep pain is slowly easing off with the treatment

Rendall Munroe
Professional Boxer
Super Bantamweight Commonwealth Champion 2008

I had lower right hip and back pain troubling me for 12 months if not longer; I was trying to resolve it with no change. I came to see the clinic and went through a process of elimination to find the problem. Within 3 weeks (3 treatments) it was sorted.”

Derek Smith
WKA & WAKO British title holder 1994-1996
British SKF Grand championship holder 1995
Holder of both the Irish and German open championships
Gold medal holder WKA world championships 1996

Four months ago started getting back pain which got a lot worse. Felt like I got broke ribs. After holding out for about two months, I visited another therapist charging £42 per session. Did absolutely nothing probably made me more tighter.

Started getting better from the first session after about three to four days of seeing Yasin. After six sessions went onto maintenance.

Justin Bowman
British number one contender (Muay Thai)


Presented with plantar fasciitis following torn plantar fascia. Yasin has performed wonders with his combination of exercises and hands-on approach to improve my pain and mobilisation. Many thanks.

Paul Sharpe,
Consultant Anaesthetist

Pain in the lower part of the back, had it for two years. Went to three different health professionals and the pain still remained. After just three sessions I’m 90% better with no pain in the lower part of my back, previously my girl friend had to rub my back every morning.

John Sarsan ODP,
Orthopaedic Operations Nurse


I came in to see Yasin having has a lower back problem that was progressively getting worse. The pain was beginning to prevent me from doing my mountain biking and interfering with daily life. I saw Yasin just 3 times & have had no problems since.


My back feels stronger, more flexible and I feel more confident to push myself hard when cycling. I was very impressed with Yasin’s professionalism and extensive knowledge.


Dave Weekes,
Greens Health and Fitness sales manager

I came in with two years of right lower back pain and pain down the leg into the foot. He put his finger on the right diagnoses and in one session it’s cured! Now all I need is maintenance.

Kirit Lathia

I came to see Yasin with a shoulder problem. My shoulder had been playing up for around a week, within one session I was sorted.


Greens Health and Fitness sales consultant

I have been suffering with back pains and pins and needles in my hands for a while so my partner recommended that I make an appointment with Yasin who he has been receiving treatment from and was feeling the benefits.


After only two sessions with Yasin I have now been put onto a maintenance program because my back is so much better with most days not having any pain at all.

I have and would recommend Yasin to anyone who is in discomfort.

Many thanks.

Michelle Ward

After suffering unbearable back pain and sciatica for 8 months and having physio and steroid injections, surgery was the only option until I contacted Yaz, now I’m pain free and back to full strength, thank you for your miracle


Mushtaq Katibi
Swan Domestic,
Uppingham Road,

I came in with a lot of lower right sided back pain with burning sensations and stiffness. He analysed the problem and treated, it’s working!

Jean Castille,
Retired teacher

I came in a few months ago. My doctor diagnosed a trapped nerve. My left arm was not moving that much. Yasin game me neck exercises and a electrotherapy machine to take home to trigger my muscles. I used it over a period of 3-4 weeks.


My nerve became un-trapped and my pain in my left arm has gone and now I can lift my arm up which I couldn’t do before, I then came in every two weeks for maintenance over a period of a few weeks.


Since then I have been following the exercises and the movement and the muscle strength has improved.

Tara Singh