FAQ & Prices


Please read our Corona Virus Policy The clinic is open. Your safety and health is our priority 



Data Use and Consent

Any data collected is strictly private and confidential and is only collected to ensure your wellbeing, identify personal preferences and match your needs with relevant treatments. You have the right to request any personal information regarding yourself.


What happens if I arrive late?
Please leave in plenty of time, and arrive early. Initial assessment forms need to be filled. If you arrive late, we might not be able to see you, we run on time.


Free either in-front of the clinic or on the road outside

Contact & Support

We no longer offer email correspondence. All phone calls are strictly limited to 3 minutes only. For any questions, and to discuss topics of concern, you are required to come into clinic. Please book a '15 minute consultation only appointment.'  

Osteopathy and acupuncture


What will happen during my first visit?
You will be asked to fill in a medical form. Specific and general questions will be asked about your health. Your posture observed and a general examination undertaken. This will be followed by elements of neurological, orthopaedic, cranial, abdominal and cardiovascular testing. A report of findings will be presented to you. Time allowing we will start treatment.

How long will your treatment last?
Each visit is up to 25 minutes. Double appointments are up to 55 minutes

Previously Yasin has been an NHS Osteopathic consultant

Yasin smashed N.I.C.E guidelines!! 


He fixed his patients  upto 4 times quicker than the guidelines

We don't charge you extra for using additional equipment

What should I wear?
As with any medical examination, please wear loose clothing. If you have hip, shoulder or upper back problems then you will probably be asked to undress to your underwear. Changing facilities and towels are provided.

Can I bring a friend or relative?
We welcome this. They can be with you through assessment and treatment, or sit in the waiting area.


Do I need to see my doctor first?
No. However, some insurance companies require you to see your doctor first.

30 minute appointment means we can use electroacupuncture as well as manipulations in one session!

How much does treatment cost?

  • £25....Consultation only, no treatment (up to 12 minutes). Book if you want an opinion, to review you medical notes, scan results, ask questions or raise any questions about your care. 

  • £45....Osteopathy & Acupuncture (up to 25 minutes)

  • £90....Double appointment (up to 55 minutes)

  • £30....Pulsed-Short wave only

  • £25....Admin fee rounded up to the nearest 1

5 minutes (letters, reports, phone support etc)

  • All admin fees to be paid in advance​, online.

  • Most services can be undertaken in '1 quantity' (15 minutes)  - for more complex            requests, please phone, and we'll state the quantities to enter online.  

  • Once payment is made - please email us on 'www.townosteo.com' and let us know! Or text on 078 55 76 27 21. Remember, state your full name and date of birth - so we can find your file, we have 1000s of patients.  

On your first visit, treatment is included if appropriate and time allowing. In nearly all cases we treat straight away. . 

  • Fees are subject to change without notification. Fees will increase annually on the 1st of January in line with Retail Price Index/consumer price index/inflation. No discount or concessionary rate can be given. You are paying for expertise and integrity. Even if treatment is not deemed appropriate, the session fee will still apply. 

  • Please give at least 24-hours notice (excluding weekends or bank holidays)  if cancelling/re-arranging an appointment. Otherwise the full fee will have to be charged. Unfortunately no exceptions can be given. Especially due to Covid-19; as this is causing additional administrative and financial pressures on the clinic

  • Refunds: Because all payments are made online, refunds are now quicker and simpler. We'll refund to the card you used to pay for the appointment.

  • Please appreciate, we only generate income from bookings. If they are not attended, we can not always fill them at late notice, and we might have had to turn away patients because our diaries were full. We genuinely don’t like to charge – but we are a business too! We do not always have the resources to consider exceptional circumstances either – that would require administrative staff that would invariably put up treatment prices by an average of £7.50 / session. We feel at this time – this is the fairest and simplest policy to offer exceptional quality of private care at prices that can be afforded. Genuinely where we can re-arrange your appointment at no charge we will try our best, even at the last minute. But please accept we cannot always offer this.

  • Please arrive on time for of all appointments. If you are more than 5 minutes late - will will not be able to treat you. ​​

We use 2 ultrasound machines to maximise amount of treatments you receive 

Yasin smashed N.I.C.E guidelines!! 


He fixed his patients 4 times quicker than the guidelines