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Who we are

Our Osteopath
Yasin Tayebjee 

Yasin is the senior clinician at Leicester Osteopathy and Acupuncture clinic. He treats his patients with integrity, warmth and empathy. All the expertise of excellent treatments in a relaxed environment of smiles! 

Launched in 2006 in Leicester, and moved to his bigger premised in Thurmaston in 2011 - he has formulated his 4 mantras!

1) Being the best clinician he can be

2) Aiming to become the most high tech clinic in Leicestershire

3) Offering exceptional patient care

4) Working hard with joy and gratitude 

Our Projects


Click on the links below to read about our projects

Yasin chaired a fun project setting up links between Leeds University and Hospital analysing anthropometrics in surgeons and putting in ergonomic solutions to reduce musculoskeletal injuries

Yasin was one of England's equivalently highest ranked musculoskeletal clinicians. In this audit he shows how he fixed his patients 4 times quicker than N.I.C.E guidelines!

This fun project took Yasin to Spain, and learn from one of the world's foremost medical experts in rehabilitative medicine. This published paper is the result of some exciting work. 

Professional Status

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Registration number 13\7228\f

Professional Interests
  • Initiating and chairing an ergonomic collaborative between Leeds Infirmary & Leeds University. Objectively evaluating the biomechanical forces in invasive cardiologists in-situ, with a view of designing and introducing cost effective equipment to objectively reduce and/or redistribute forces.

  • Undertaking a self-devised, managed and implemented project in conjunction with the GP chair of South Charnwood Primary Care Trust. Treating a range of musculoskeletal injuries. Audits have shown that in certain situations I am 3-4 times quicker than current recommended guidelines (N.I.C.E) in achieving excellent results, and have a particular skill in helping chronic conditions.

  • In the process of designing a further lead-on study to evaluate the outcome of specific conditions with markers ranging from: co-morbidities and previous treatments.

Skills & proficiencies
  • Joint manipulation & Soft tissue manipulation.

  • Ultrasound & Electrotherapy (EMS, TENS, Faradic).

  • Acupuncture & Electroacupuncture

  • Orthotic prescription (off-the-shelf, semi-bespoke, custom moulded).

  • Biomechanical analysis (athletes and general public).

  • Developing and implementing injury prevention strategies for athletes and the general public.

  • Exercise rehabilitation; including teaching of injury management (philosophy, anatomy, physiology, technique)  to personal trainers, as well as creating and monitoring tailor made  rehabilitation programmes.

  • With an interest in sociology and women’s rights, Yasin volunteered his services to an organisation called ‘Social Enterprise Development Initiative’. Here he was involved in both advising and editing a report intended to support policy makers involved in socioeconomic deprivation within ethnic minority groups in Manchester.

  • Yasin enjoys exercising both indoors and outdoors. He has created his own little gym in his clinic, in-between patients he can usually be found swinging from his chin-up bar or a quick burst of functional training with free weights. He enjoys teaching exercise routines to friends and family.

  • Spending time with friends and family.

  • Cooking and posting some of his culinary delights on instagram and facebook! 

  • I.T. Projects. Yasin has created and manages this website and all its content. As well as continually learning about and developing new functions and facilities.

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