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FAQ & Prices

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NHS donation and online booking

Help our local NHS hero's 

Yasin has taken the tough decision to temporarily close the clinic due to the risk of COVID-19. He wants to still help his patients and raise money for our local NHS hero's. 

Why not do both - and you can be a real part of it! 

1) Book your online appointment using the below booking button. You will need to give your name, date of birth, mobile number and email address. We need these details in order for the system to work. If you do not give these details - then we will not be able to verify your booking and payment. 

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​2) Text the clinic on 078 55 76 27 21 and tell me that you've booked an online consultation. 

     Include your first name, surname and date of birth in the text message. 


3) We will text you back a 'booking reference'


4) Click the below button and donate at least £20 to Leicester Hospital's Charity. Give your 'booking reference' when it asks for your name. This will allow us to check you've made a booking and keep your details private

>  Donate £20 to secure your online booking

5) You will be emailed confirmation of your appointment with details on how to 

What is osteopathy? 

A medical science looking at body posture, alignment, movement, and optimal musculoskeletal function. A treatment approach free of medication and chemical injections. Using hands and various equipment to restore injured structures back to health, so a person can move better, more easily and be more comfortable.

What makes TownOsteo so unique

We believe we are one of the leading clinics! A bold statement - but the proof is in the pudding. Please take some time to read Our Research. Yasin, the senior osteopath and acupuncturist at our clinic in Leicester, was a consultant osteopath in the NHS. His audit report showed that his unique approach to diagnosis and treatment achieved results over four times faster than N.I.C.E guidelines! Yasin has also had the privilege of teaching and lecturing across various universities. His ability on analyse and solve problems has resulted in a number of major organisations employing him to help with their various projects ranging from ergonomics, equipment acquisition, feasibility studies and cost analysis as well as broad consultancy. 

Our treatment approach

Under one roof, under one therapist and under one price: we offer all the following options:

  • Soft tissue manipulation (specific massage techniques)

  • Joint adjustments (from gentle mobilisations to quick thrusts - often accompanied by the famous 'popping' and 'clicking' sounds)

  • Mechanical spinal traction - we can separate spinal joints to help disc and facet problems using a special machine

  • Manual spinal traction - there are cases were we use equipment to help gap your joints, spinal as well as hips.

  • Acupuncture -  It is often not what you think! Yasin does not incorporate traditional Chinese acupuncture - but rather direct techniques that target dysfunctional tissue: muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, periosteal margins of bones. Acupuncture is designed to allow the clinician to better diagnose and treat. More can be found on our education resources page. This is still under construction.  

  • Electroacupuncture - Our senior osteopathic clinician in Leicester uses electro-acupuncture to help reduce pain. Pain is a complex subject; but in a nutshell our osteopath 1) manipulates the painful nerves in the tissue by increasing their tolerance 2) changes the signal firing in the spinal cord by blocking painful signals passing to the brain  and 3) effecting pain perception in the brain by decreasing overly active pain interpretation centres in the brain. And yes - this is very safe! Over 11 years of acupuncture practice with regular training courses ensures that our clinician has a great track record!

  • Pulsed shortwave therapy - This is a great addition to the arsenal of tools we have at our osteopathic clinic. Previously reserved for sports injuries amongst elite athletes, our osteopath is keen to deliver high end tech to the masses of Leicester. We have found a way of genuinely offering this service at an incredibly affordable price! Check out our education resources to learn about how it works. But in a nutshell it helps at a cellular level to clear inflammation in acute swellings and arthritic pains. The data on this is quite exciting. 

  • Ultrasound - again, a similar biophysical mode of action to pulsed shortwave. Driving the cells more electronegative to restore electrochemical balance to otherwise injured cells. 

  • Exercise rehabilitation - having previously worked with some major health centres (Greens, David Lloyd's, Next generation, Serco leisure facilities) our osteopath used to teach the personal trainers about injury assessment through movement, rehabilitation exercises and prehabilitation exercises to reduce risk of sports injuries. All that knowledge is brought to our patients at our Leicester clinic in order to reduce risk of injury and develop exercise programmes to rehabilitate injuries. 

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