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FREE consultations

I just got a random call, and the first thing I hear is 'do you offer a free consultation?'

This genuinely confuses me. Great tradesperson (including clinicians) spend years of hard graft perfecting our skills. Invest 10s of thousands of pounds in equipment and building up our services (I've invested a good 6 figures and planning on more). We take great pride in doing the best job we can, value giving awesome customer service.

We sacrifice so much more than a lot of people realise. That's ok - it's what it is.

Trouble is: The mindset and actions of a few can utterly derail the system and knock the wind out of us. Over the last few years, as harsh as it sounds, I take active steps in referring these cases on.

Value us. Otherwise all that is left is cheap tradespersons, and that's a recipe for disaster. Highly skilled, educated and professional tradespersons should be valued as such.

Any tradesperson who has ever come to do work at my home/clinic; I have made a point of paying them in full on the day.

Culturally we have a saying 'pay a person before the sweat dries from their brow.' Honour each other, if you want society to honour you and society to function honestly.

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