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Plastics in our foods

The global food industry vexes me greatly. They willfully & legally poison us without retribution.

Plastics leach chemicals that once inside us, poison us! Why is it particularly important to me: My patients!

When you ask 'what's wrong with me, why can't I seem to get better?' How do we look into your eyes & try to give you honest, data driven information, & solutions that are affordable?'

Your healthcare professionals are human too....and when we see autoimmune diseases, diabetes, early arthritic diseases, brain disease, fatigue, etc on the rise, how do we address the root? hurts us that we're sick.

My 98 year old grandma says it best 'your generation is just weak' & you know Nanima - we are, we're ill, we are poisoned. The younger generation will come to accept this as a new 'normal' because they will loose the link to pre 1960s. We have to first empower ourselves by learning.

Join me in this journey - I'm going to share data, research, key speakers views...& offer some solutions.

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