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Fogging heck - Covid!

The new trend in the fight against COVID - buy a fogger and pump hypochlorous acid into the air.

(Gut instinct is to run - Chlorine and gas aren't words I want to be seeing juxtaposed in any sentence, let alone in the air I breathe!)

But this is potentially an exciting way we can handle viral, bacterial and fungal attacks.

Attached below is an EU Regulation (EUR) assessment report on the safety aspects.

(if you're short of time, from page 58 it gets juicy)

European safety report on HOCL
Download PDF • 4.22MB

My opinion in summary: The EUR has given a big thumbs up to the safety of hypochlorous acid, but i think they base this on incomplete data! At least the EUR have alluded to this in their report, unlike our medical drug establishments which appear to be a bit too clandestine and withhold data from us (Dr Ben Goldacre reports on this widely, his book is a must read)

I still have some safety concerns in using hypochlorous acid long term; but i'm working on systems and protocols so I can potentially adopt it confidently in my clinic...Watch this space!

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