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Ultrasound - more than just a pregnancy scan. Ultrasound has been around since the 60s! We use it to take a look inside of you. We're developing novel ways of using it to kill deep cancer cells.

In our clinic it's used to heal bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage. 

Therapeutic ultrasound has to be one of the most investigated therapies around. And the research from around the world is overwhelmingly favourable. Come have a look below...

5 minute ultrasound sessions, twice per week for 8 weeks is better than heat therapy for relieving nerve damage in carpal tunnel syndrome.

6 minute treatments every day, for a total of 15 sessions. 

Ultrasound therapy decreases pain by modulating: nitric oxide, substance-P synthesis and centralised nerve pain. This complements our electroacupuncture treatments, which share some similar pathways.

A nice research paper showing how combination of treatments (electroacupuncture, ultrasound, manual therapy and exercises) are the most effective approach. 

Low Intensity Pulsed UltraSound (LIPUS) is a specialised type of ultrasound we also use at the clinic. It is used for a whole range of conditions. It is highly researched and shows some very exciting prospects. 

Very exciting experimental paper examining the technicalities of how LIPUS works in terms on chondrocytes and inflammatory markers  

A paper pooling together 5 high-quality research articles showing favourable outcomes for LIPUS and knee osteoarthritis 

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