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A "must-read" article showing brain pattern changes in real time while passing electricity through needles.

Even with carpal tunnel syndrome, acupuncture re-modulates the somatosensory cortex. What's more exciting about this article is the mention of immediate neuroplasticity and using that to establish long-term success of treatment. while we don't use functional MRI scans in clinic to establish this, we do establish neuroplasticity using specific electroacupuncture methods. This allows us very quickly to establish if we can help reverse your pains. If not - we will advise, and refer you on. 

  • Rewiring the primary somatosensory cortex in carpal tunnel syndrome with acupuncture

Another really good paper on discussing the mechanisms of how electroacupuncture works. This paper focuses on neurochemical release, inflammatory markers, and nerve receptors. The need to use the right electrical settings has been highlighted. Like we say in clinic, you might have received acupuncture or electroacupuncture, but have the right dosages been used?  

An excellent paper conducting research into electroacupuncture on rats knees, and then looking at what effect that has had on osteoarthritic changes. 

Experiments like these really help us understand the mechanisms and benefits to electroacupuncture.

A nice research paper showing how combination of treatments (electroacupuncture, ultrasound, manual therapy and exercises) are the most effective approach. 

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