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Terms & 

Our terms and conditions.
Please note that Yasin tries his level best to provide the best care possible. 



15) Please arrive on time. If you're more than 5 minutes late, we might not be able to treat you. We need to allocate time to disinfect the clinic between patients.

16) All appointment need 72 hours notice in order to re-arranged or cancel. 
Please respect this policy. It allows us to provide you with the best treatments, well-maintained equipment and practitioners who are motivated all while keeping prices as low as we can. 

To cancel or re-arrange: simply text 078 55 76 27 21 with your FULL NAME, Date and time of your appointment and state 'Cancel' 

We will refund you on the card that paid, it takes up to 10 days for banks to settle. 

If you need to book again - please go online and make another booking.

17) If you cancel / re-arrange on more than two occasions without at least 5 working days' notice - we reserve the right to refuse to see you again. And if you subsequently book we will not be able to refund. Please call the clinic first to discuss. We might have to put you on a different price plan and modified terms and conditions.


18) Subject to change without prior notice. We will publish all prices on our website for full transparency. Please understand - healthcare is becoming more expensive, and prices are going up across the board. We will not compromise on quality of care, so we will have to adjust costs accordingly. 

Thank you for reading & understanding. We don't have a receptionist, enabling us to keep treatment costs lower and offering the highest quality one-to-one treatments around! 

Previously Yasin has been an NHS Osteopathic consultant

Yasin smashed N.I.C.E guidelines!! 


He fixed his patients  upto 4 times quicker than the guidelines

We don't charge you extra for using additional equipment

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