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Below is a list of the most common supplements we recommend to our patients.

As a patient of the clinic you will have received a list of numbers. These are the supplements recommended that you will find below, with a link of where you can buy. 

For those patients that are curious about the evidence base, this website is continually building resources to share research papers. 

If you are a patient of the clinic, we can issue you with a discount code for the cytoplan products. Please get in touch with us. 

                                                        Click on below to be taken to the links directly 

  1. Broad spectrum probiotic for the young at stomach

  2. Broad spectrum probiotic for the over 40s

  3. Saccharomyces Boulardii - one of the most researched probiotics. ​

  4. Digestive enzymes

  5. GI protection. Only to be taken under strict advisement and guidance. 

  6. Multivitamin (broad spectrum; potent; methylated B9,12; P-5-P; low in molybdenum; MK-7)

  7. Multivitamin 50+ (Broadspectrum, methylated, glucans, high mineral content)

  8. Omega 3 Isolate  

  9. CoQ10

  10. Krill oil 

  11. Thyroid support

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