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We recommend cytoplan for a lot of our patients nutritional supplements. Feel free to read about Cytoplan, its ISO standards, charitable setup and educational engagements. TownOsteo do not directly sell you supplements, that way we ensure patient confidence. We recommend and steer you to what we believe, through our best research, will do the best and safest job for you. The ultimate decision is yours to make from the comfort of your own home, away from the pressures of any hard selling. Some patients like to do their own research and find alternatives. If that's your thing, that's great - here you will find openness and transparency. 

But please remember, if you pursue you own method - you might be making things a whole lot more complex for yourselves and us.

For our patients only - we have also negotiated a modest 10% discount for cytoplan products. If we have taken you on as a patient - feel free to contact the clinic as ask for the code. As a responsible clinic - we will only release the code to patients that we have consulted, and feel it's in their best interest to take those products.  

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