Latest Clinical Updates


We are planning big things over the coming year. Constantly investing to improve services for our patients:

1) This is our new website! Still a work in progress - but hopefully you'll agree that it's better than the previous one. Please feel free to give us feedback so we can keep improving it

2) We have a new booking system - Much easier and simpler to use than the previous one!

3) We are working on developing a new patient management system. It'll be an industry first when it's released! The whistles and bells will enable us to provide more services to our patients - watch this space! We aim to be transparent and provide our patients with open access to knowledge and ownership of their conditions, how and why we treat the way we do, and easy access to a suite of health tools. It'll take some years to get there - but we have already begun the process. 

4) We are planning on extending our clinic. We have just received planning application approval and are now in the process of drawing up more specific plans. Exciting! 


Please check our clinic board for the latest information