Free express consultations

About the service

FREE express consultation. Book online. It's easy, fast and secure.

We like to reach out to the general public.

Unsure if we can help you or not? 

Perhaps you just want an opportunity to see the clinic first, greet the clinician, ask a few more questions?

Yasin has created this service to reach out to you. 

A no obligation free express appointment, lasting up to 15mins. It's that simple! 

Print off this attachment, sign and please bring it with you to your appointment 

Our promise to you

We'll try our level best within the time to answer your questions, examine you and offer an opinion (diagnosis, treatment options etc) 

If suitable for treatment - we'll never book you into the clinic that day. Instead you can go home, think about anything we have said and feel free to book online or call our friendly reception team.


We. will never coax you into decisions. We take patient care very seriously. 

How it works

We assure you the service is free! On booking it states '£20' - that is the fee that will be charged if the terms and conditions below are not met. 


1) Please print the consent form found on this page, sign and bring it with you to your appointment

2) Click any of the booking buttons on this website

3) Choose the service 'Free express consultations'

4) Choose from the dates and times that are available

5) You'll have to leave credit card details as a reservation

6) Come any least 10 minutes ahead of time to fill in some forms 

Please note - The only way to book a free express consultation is online with a credit card.

Terms & Conditions - 'Respect us' policy

Services like this are sometimes abused. This has serious effects on the clinic and clinician - thus;  certain terms and conditions have been written to protect our clinician and the clinic from unforeseen complications. Please respect our genuine effort in trying to help the community of Leicester. this service will be modified. We can withdraw this service (in part or whole, from any one person or persons) at any time without giving notice or reason. 


Please do note - if the below criteria aren't met - we will have to charge the card that reserved the appointment, the £20 consultation fee

1) For the FREE express consultation, we have to have additional criteria to ensure the service is run well. 

    Age: 18-99!

    Mobility: You must be able to walk into the clinic unassisted and be able to get on and off the treatment bed unassisted and be able to

    turn on the couch.

    Languages: Must be able to read, write and speak in English reasonably fluently without a translator. This is so that within the 15min

    slot you can read and sign forms, ask questions, we have time to understand your responses, examine you and explain our findings. In

    the paid services we can communicate in Gujarati and more time is allowed to enable a quality service. 

2) Only one appointment per person.


3)  if you don't turn up to your appointment for any reason. We think that is the fair since we only have a few available slots a week.

4)  Please bring a list of all your medications, reports, scans, consultant reports etc. If you think we need it - then bring it! Safer to bring all

     your medical notes, scan reports, doctors letters etc. The more information we have the better.

5) We welcome patients bringing in a friend/family member. The support and comfort is encouraged. They can be with you the whole          journey. For this FREE express service - please only bring a maximum of one other person and no dependents. This is so we can run

     the service efficiently. We don't have additional staff on site to supervise children or vulnerable people, and the clinic is quite small. 

6)  Please come appropriately dressed. For example if you have knee problems we will likely need  to assess your knee and sometimes

     your hips - so jeans or leggings will either need to be removed and a towel will be provided or please bring shorts to get changed into.      If you have shoulder/upper back problems - then we will need to examine the back. So a loose sleeveless top is the better option.


7) At the end of the consultation - the clinic will provide you with a written copy of any notes, referral letters etc. Outside of this - any

    further requests, advise, appointments, opinions etc will require you to book into one of our paid services. Please respect this. We are a     business too! 

Thank you for taking the time to read!

FREE express consultation. Book online.

It's easy, fast and secure.