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Lockdown has been hard on a lot of us. In response Yasin is dropping his price 50% 

Please help my clinic by sharing this with family and friends. 

The first session lasts up to 50 minutes: included is assessment, diagnosis, treatment (if appropriate) and advice. No gimmicks - we will treat you just the same as all our other patients. We won't skimp on quality of equipment or needles. Our patients are our priority.  

  • If you have never been to the clinic or haven't been to the clinic in over 1 year; then your first session is 50% off! 

  • When booking online, click 'Redeem coupon' and put in the code 'FLASHSALE

  • Book now, and come up to 30 days later! 

  • The Coupon code, available until Wednesday 10th June 2020. 

Terms and conditions

  1. This offer is in good faith at a time when businesses and the public are struggling. The terms and conditions are designed to prevent abuse of an otherwise genuine offer.

  2. On using this code; you cannot cancel or re-arrange your appointment. No refunds. 

  3. Only available for new patients or patients that haven't been seen at TownOsteo for over 1 year.

  4. If you book by accident using this code - we cannot guarantee a refund. If we identify mistakes, in time - we will cancel the appointment, refund on the card that paid, and text the mobile provided. This is not guaranteed thought. We will have to charge a minimum £10 administrative fee.

  5. Limited coupons available. The offer can be withdrawn at any time.

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