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Bone Health 

Disclaimer: This is for education and interest only. Not to diagnose or form recommendations. Please consult a qualified clinician before taking any supplements/remedies/strategies etc. There is a lot to consider, and you might not be aware of all the interactions, negative consequences and potential harm self-treatment can cause.  


The below collection of papers and brief summaries is not a comprehensive or complete overview of bone health. There are many books, research papers and experts opinions on the topic. I am sharing the below as a way of briefly exposing you to some of the complexity, beauty and treatment strategies out there. 

Key points to take away

1) Do not try to do this alone - it's far too complex and please remember - you can overdose on "natural" remedies too - and that can have

     serious consequences.

2) Bone health cuts across many body systems - if not all of them. So we have to understand psychology, toxicology, brain, inflammation,

     immunity and gut health too. We help patients depending on how much involvement they want. For some patients to go through "full body

     transformation" is too much to ask, have for some we have to manage change in chunks, to allow the body to acclimatize 

3)  The below articles are shared for interest only. To give patients some confidence in knowing that there is research and data out there on

      what and why we do what we do! 

This is a really good letter highlighting the pitfalls of just focusing on Calcium, Vitamin-D and Calcitonin to help increase bone density. We now have come to realise that just increasing a patient's bone density doesn't always work and might actually paradoxically lead to increased risk of fracturing! We have to holistically manage patients with a whole dietary and supplementary approach

This is a really good study showing that postmenopausal women significantly improved their bone densities in only 1-year using supplements and calcium rich foods! Page-3 has a table listing what they took. This is a good place to start - but not quite the full picture! I'll be sharing other articles that necessitate looking into other body systems. 

Insightful article summarising the works on human and rat studies. Showing the importance of Probiotics on bone quality.

Lactobacilli reuteri is a probiotic that shows a lot of promise in helping develop bone mass, but as yet we don't have a trusted supplier! Remember; every manufacturer will tell you they have a tested, safe and well-made product contained in lovely packaging - but strangely no one produces independent lab results open to scrutiny, that show quality and quantity! 

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is interesting - concomitantly decreases bone degradation as well as increases bone formation. This is remarkable, considering conventional medicine mainly focuses on medicines that decrease bone loss! 


Research taken in isolate without broader context and expertise is problematic. This is one such example. A seemingly exciting study showing benefits to certain supplements. Why the warning - two main reasons. Melatonin is a hormone and great care shoulder be exercised if taking it, preferably under supervision. Even it's precursor (5-HTP) can be bought 'of-the-counter' but could result in your body switching off it's own natural production! 

Strontium is used in studies and shows promise. But we generally don't use it in practice. We have to be careful of blood clot issues. 

I'm curious as to why the Vitamin K dose is a tad low, and in clinic I would ordinarily test Vit-D levels before just giving a generic dose!

This paper is a really good example of why you should consult experts with a specific interest in this area. There is a lot more to consider than I can convey on my website. 

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to osteoporosis!

These are hugely important papers highlighting other genuine technologies available that can build good quality bone, effectively reversing osteoporosis, even in postmenopausal women. 

I am actively seeking more data on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. But as it stands I cannot bring it into clinic due to the dichotomy that exists in the research. It's very polarised without established dosages. Two opposite dosages are used, creudly (High and low) dosages. Each claiming to have superiority. Trouble is - it could result in inhibiting bone deposition. Watch this space - more expert opinion and research is being done. But I don't anticipate marriage in the findings any time soon! 

Click this button to enter the members only section. Yasin has extensively evaluated products to start forming guidance on what to take. Links are given to independent online retailers, so you are free to compare with other products. 

We have made this members only to ensure that only patients of the clinic are given access. We try to ensure safety and appropriateness when supplementing. 

If given a password - please be responsible and do not share the passwords. 

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