Leicester Acupuncture Clinic

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What can acupuncture at our Leicester cliic, together with osteopathy be used for:

  • Acupuncture for Sports injuries

  • Aches and pains

  • Treatment of muscles, ligaments, tendons, surface of bones (periosteum), fascia, capsules 

  • Arthritic pains

  • Rheumatic pains

  • Acupuncture for back pains

  • Acupuncture for sciatica and nerve pains

There are two different types of acupuncture: 

  • Traditional  acupuncture, along energy lines - known as meridians. There are 12 standard meridian lines and a practitioner aims to balance the ring and yang!

  • Medical acupuncture: Our Leicester clinic specialises medical acupuncture sometimes known as dry-needling. But even medical acupuncture / dry-needling has difference sub-specialities

    • superficial acupuncture - a simple procedure that's comfortable for the patient 

    • Deep and bone acupuncture - needs a lot more skill and education.

    • electro-acupuncture: passing electricity through the needle to control nerve pains

At the Leicester acupuncture clinic - we do not practice traditional acupuncture but rather western medical acupuncture. Our senior clinician, Yasin has been using Medical acupuncture / dry-needling acupuncture since 2008. His thoughts 


"Acupuncture when used correctly has astounding effects on my patients. My patients and I find that we get quicker results in fewer treatments and the effects last! I can better diagnose and treat more conditions than I otherwise am able to. It's truly like magic. If helps us engage with out patients - involving them in their treatments, and week on week they can notice improvements"


At our clinic in Thurmaston, Leicester, we use the following type of acupuncture

  • Trigger point acupuncture - placing needles into tender spots and radiate pains

  • Scar tissue acupuncture - breaking down scar fibre (fibrotic tissue) and using the other equipment in the clinic to help restore a better quality structure. For the more interested - Yasin is very involved in this area, and is passionate about educating patients and students on collagen matrix, pathology and restitution. 

  • Bone acupuncture (by manipulating the surface of the bone)

  • electroacupuncture: by using a controlled amount of milli-amps delivered to the areas that are causing pain; we can help restore a normal nerve signal. There-by not only restoring a better structure but also restoring the painful nerves to healthier stronger nerves 

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