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5 reasons to choose Yasin to be your Osteopath and Acupuncturist

Honesty and transparency. We don't hide information. No psychological marketing tricks. This website has all our prices displayed. Terms and conditions open for all to see. FREE RESOURCES to educate and help you prevent and recover from injuries. 

Yasin’s NHS audits showed that in conditions such as low back pain he only needed 3 treatments! Where-as guidelines recommend 10-11!

Yasin was equivalently banded in the NHS (Band 8d). That is one of the highest bandings for a therapist in England. Patients were referred to Yasin when no one else could help!

Joint adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, spinal traction, therapeutic ultrasound, acupuncture, electrotherapy, home exercises all under one expert practitioner, one price. 

93% of Yasin’s patients rated him as excellent for his caring and approachable nature

Lead lecturer of biomedicine (Birmingham). You really have to ‘know your stuff’ to teach!

Previously Yasin was an NHS consultant Osteopath

Yasin smashed N.I.C.E guidelines & got his patients better up to 4 times quicker in the NHS

All patients have exclusive access to our patients portal. Packed with FREE resources

30 minute appointments mean we can use electricity to zap away your pain!

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