40% off first visit - September offer 

This is no gimmick! 

We will treat you like all our other private patients. High quality care with all the whistles and bells and at 40% off! Limited availability - we recommend you book early.


90% of our patients are treated on the first visit at no extra cost. One fee including all the equipment, expertise and care. We believe in a simple and effective approach. 

Terms and conditions for the 40% off!


1) Please read our FAQ's and watch some of our videos. Most of your questions and answers are on this site. In order to save our patients money - we do not have reception and pass those savings onto you.

2) We cannot diagnose over the phone. The conditions we treat are listed on this website. Please have a look and if you have one of these conditions - we can usually help you! Of course we can't help everyone, but we'll only know when you are in front of us -  so we can ask questions and perform a proper examination. We appreciate you might be wondering 'why should I pay if you can't help me'. What you are paying for is honesty, experience and the time needed for a proper examination. 

3) For online bookings only

Please note this is only available to new patients of the clinic. If we have seen you before - then please don't use this voucher. If you do - then we'll have to charge our clinical fee & pass on the merchant fees to manage any administration needed for refunds/telephone calls etc. This will likely start at £15 depending on the time needed.

How it works

1) Click on any of the 'book now' buttons on this website - there is one below!

2) scroll down and those 'Osteopathy & Acupuncture - First visit/new problem.'

3) scroll down and Chose a date and time that is convenient for you

4) Enter your details, please read our terms and conditions carefully and tick the box to let us know you agree to them, enter your address and date of birth.

5) There is a box that says 'Redeem Coupon' Enter the code:  QRYF42

6) click one of the pay buttons and then make the payment!

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