Trapped nerve, Leicester, what is a trapped nerve? treatment options?

Firstly – consider what does trapped nerve really mean? Often patients present with a shoulder pain, back pain – like an upper back ache, lower back ache, and say ‘I have a trapped nerve’

Well – yes, all pain is nerve pain. Without nerves, we would feel no pain!

And an irritated nerve can be thought of sometimes as a trapped nerve.

But that does not mean you have a trapped nerve! In manual therapy terms a trapped nerve is because the nerve is being pinched by a bulging disc, or perhaps from a stenosis (blockage in the back joints). Other times the nerve might be “stuck” because of some inflammation and scarring around the nerve.

What can be done about my trapped nerve?

Well – if you are from Leicester and your trapped nerve is causing pain – how about booking in for a consultation. We will prescribe exercises to stretch the nerve if it is found to be tight. We will find where it is getting caught and use deep soft tissue massage, acupuncture and ultrasound to loosen the scar around the trapped nerve.

But most importantly we need to know what’s really happening. Often the trapped nerve is not really trapped! It’s a bone pain, what is termed “periostitis” or “enthesiitis”. Here we will again use acupuncture and ultrasound, but the doses have to be carefully chosen. See my audit for proof of how it works!

With a correct diagnosis, dosages that are spot on, and with the patient following simple and easy home advice – then it’s a joy to watch a pain ease quite often very quickly!