Sports injuries

Playing sports and exercising regularly is fantastic for your health, but unfortunately can sometimes result in injuries.
Osteopaths are able to treat minor sports injuries and help sports enthusiasts and athletes recover to their full potential.

  • Restore balance to the body
  • Improve mobility in joints
  • Reduce adhesions and soft tissue restrictions
  • Advise on diet
  • Help to improve tone of muscle
  • Restore movement
  • Enhance overall performance

The sooner an injury is treated, the quicker you are recovered.

According to the NHS, you can reduce your risk of getting injured by:

  • Warming up properly and stretching before you exercise
  • Do not push your body beyond your current fitness level
  • Using appropriate equipment for specific sports – such as suitable running shoes, shin guards for football, and a gum shield for rugby
  • Learning correct techniques

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