Sciatica Leicester, a nerve in a hay-stack

What exactly is ‘Sciatica’

Well, firstly how on earth do you spell it? Syiatica, sciatic, sciatika maybe? I have even seen a variant spelt psyatica Leicester. Simply put – sciatic is the name given to a nerve that courses from a few points in the lower back, merges to become quite a thick nerve that travels down as far as the big toe. Along its path, it can become; trapped, pinched, inflammed, over-stretched, and crushed.

Sciatica or not sciatica – that is the question?

Commonly in my Leicester osteopathy clinic / leicester sports injury clinic, patients will invariably come is saying they have ‘sciatica’ Well – honestly – everyone has a sciatic nerve. What i need to know is, is it actually a sciatic nerve problem or maybe something else? But what else? Lets look at the alternatives.

Sacroiliac joint

The joint that connects the hip bone to the sacrum. It is a meeting point of transitional torque forces. A region that is designed for stability, but an area where the surrounding ligaments, tendons and periosteum (lining of the bone) can become either acutely or chronically inflammed. Remember – feel free to call my Leicester treatment clinic for specific advice. The joint can radiate pain down the leg and mimic sciatica. This is were a good patient history & medical examination will either rule this joint in, or rule it out. But like most medicine, it is rarely absolute, we have to consider many layers of problems.

Iliolumbar ligament sprain

Iliolumbar ligament sprains, quadratus lumborum muscle strain and even the thoracolumbar fascia joint in and around the SIJ. Quite often one has to treat the whole lot in one go, and this proves very effective.


This is an interesting muscle indeed. Trains to the piriformis often carries with it strains into the other buttock muscles such as gluteus medius. The sciatic nerve can in a few people course through this muscle, causing nerve entrapment, flaring up of the nerve, and even make sticky adhesions to the sciatic nerve so that is lacks flexibility.