PRICE regime

PRICE – Is an acronym. It is a useful way of remembering how to immediately treat an injury
A simple 5 step protocol that helps improve an injury immediately. The sooner the PRICE regime is used the better.

P is for Protection – Protect the area in pain! If it hurts – don’t do it! It is ideally best to seek professional advice as to what you can and can’t do while you are waiting for your first appointment.

R is for Rest – Remember – bed-rest and totally avoiding using the injured area might to a worse strategy! Gentle movements and pottering around the house might be more helpful.

I is for Ice – Apply Ice wrapped in a tea-towel or a bag of peas over the injury. This will help reduce pain and inflammation. Very cold products can induce hypothermia or cold burns, so do remember – not too cold and wrap ice in a tea towel. Only use cool-packs for a maximum of 20 minutes and allow at least 1 hour between applications.

C is for Compression – Compressing the swollen area will help to reduce the swelling. Either speak to us or visit a pharmacist who can advise on the products to use that are safe and effective. For example; too much compression can lead to ischaemic damage.

E is for Elevation – Elevating the injured area little and often allows gravity to aide removing excess fluid.

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