Patient from Leicester suffering with low back pain. Advice

A patient from Leicester, Leicestershire came to the clinic today suffering from months of low back pain. The back pain was around the back of the hip, lower back region, radiating to the buttock area on the right side. Typically if it was sciatica then the pain would have been reported to radiate down the back of the leg into the foot, usually worse in the morning on waking up. This is often because the disc fills with a watery substance at night, while we are sleeping, and then the root of the nerve gets squashed when we stand in the morning. Since the patient with low back pain was from leicester, leicestershire and had not been driving for long, they managed to come to the clinic but they were in discomfort, with a visible limp.

I diagnosed the patient with sacroiliac joint pain, I term it ‘enthesiopathy’. Although they had been in pain for a few months, their medical history was generally clear. No major arthritis in the family, their weight was stable, no; what we term – ‘red flags’. Treatment for their low back pain (not sciatica) consisted of acupuncture, ultrasound, deep massage to the ligaments and muscles. After the first session their back pain was reduced and they could touch their toes with little pain. Of course the treatment for their back pain did leave them feeling a bit sore, this will probably last for a couple of days! Two more treatments and hopefully they will be ready to be discharged.