Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture: what is the difference?

(Informal blog – not medical advice! Either see your doctor or book in for a consultation)

Osteopath, Osteopathy – Leicester

Many people don’t know what an Osteopath in Leicester is, or what an osteopath in Leicester does. To be quite frank, having studied part of the physiotherapy syllabus and being a registered osteopath who practices acupuncture in Leicester, I still don’t know!

If you have an injury, like any of the below

  • Sports injury
  • Sprain or strain
  • Back pain / sciatica / piriformis syndrome
  • Shoulder pain
  • headache

Then treatment may help, but who do you go to? Well, my advice is, go to someone who is registered. That way you have the assurance that they are well trained. You have the assurance that a complaints procedure is in place, and that the therapists are hopefully ethical too. The below professionals are registered in law:

  • Osteopaths in Leicester
  • Physiotherapists in Leicester
  • Chiropractors in Leicester

Acupuncturists in Leicester unfortunately have no mandate in law – but there are some voluntary organisations that an acupuncturist in Leicester should be registered with. And it’s available to check online. like: British Acupuncture society or British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Although I have studied elements of acupuncture and physiotherapy, I am registered as an Osteopath in Leicester who practices Acupuncture in Leicester, with a private Leicester Clinic in Osteopathic & sports injury – including speciality in spinal injury (back pains)