My research

Yasin’s Downloadable research papers

Proposal for Ergonomic Evaluation

Leeds hospital and university; Proposal:  a quantitative analysis of the ergonomics and anthropometrics of surgeons in situ. 2011 ongoing

Leicestershire NHS Audit

Leicestershire NHS audit investigating treatment outcomes. 2010-2011


Calcific tendonitis – Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis

I believe in win:win scenarios. One of my mottos for working life is:

  • Provide the best customer service
  • Be the best Manual therapist possible
  • Build a successful business

My NHS audit (download above) with over 1 year of treating patients and collecting data within Leicestershire NHS, I believe proves I am living by my motto

  • Pilot studies showed 93% of patients rated me as excellent for my customer service, patient care, etc
  • Pilot studies showed for conditions such as “Low back pain / sciatica / slipped disc” my treatments required 3-4 times less sessions than recommended guideline.
  • The NHS offered me a contract, and valued my services equivalent to the most senior physiotherapists in the NHS (Band 8 -9)

Other research interests

Chair of a collaboration between Leeds Infirmary and University. Here we are analysing medics and the forces their bodies are subject to when performing surgery. We are looking into the ergonomics of their working environment and providing equipment and advice that will reduce their aches and pains. What is unique about this research – is we are applying the latest scientific equipment to objectively analyse forces, and measure the condition of their tissues, with values we can compare. Cutting edge work. (download paper above)