Muscle spasms / tension

Muscle spasms are a painful condition that is due to uncontrolled nerve impulses that stimulate the muscles to contract strongly. It is often a nervous reaction of the body to actual or perceived damage. This results from the body trying to protect an area by seizing up and limiting movement of the damaged area.

Symptoms include:

  • Often severe pain
  • Feeling of tightness/hardness
  • Inability to move

Muscle tension makes muscles less flexible, less strong, and much more vulnerable to damage. This is often associated with bad posture.
Causes of muscle tension include:

  • Pain and aching
  • Stiffness and decreased movement
  • Feeling of tightness/hardness
  • Physical stress e.g. working long hours or having a baby
  • Emotional stress

Treatment of muscle spams or tension includes treating the area locally and look at strategies to help you manage the causes.

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