Muscle Aches and Pains

A continuous and unpleasant feeling, often described as dull and not severe. Muscle aches are an extremely common condition. Because almost every part of the body is covered in muscle tissue, pain can occur nearly anywhere. Aches and pains are typically a result of stress, tension, or physical activity.

Some measures that can be taken to ease muscle pain at home include:

  • Allowing time to rest muscles
  • Applying ice to the area causing pain to reduce inflammation
  • Gently stretching the muscles causing pain

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), you should use ice for one to three days following the strain or sprain. Apply heat for any pain that remains after three days (NIH, 2011).

If muscle pain lasts more than a few days or does not improve with self-care, it is time to schedule an appointment.

Yasin can be quite creative with his strategies. Some have included:

  • Young mothers exercising with their pushchairs by walking sideways up and down hills!
  • Plenty of advice on posture
  • Relaxation techniques that can be incorporated while working

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