How we treat & who we are

Soft tissue adjustment
Using finely tuned palpatory skills, the soft structures of the body (muscle, fascia, ligaments and tendons) are assessed. Using a variety oftechniques ranging from very gentle to very strong the soft structures of the body are manipulated and restored to health.

Joint adjustment
Palpatory skill combined with clinical knowledge enables safe and effective adjustment of your joints to restore them to a healthy state, enabling a decrease in pain, improved movement, freeing of nerves, and improve nourishment of joints. There are many techniques that can be incorporated, taking into account your health and personal preferences.

Resetting and mobilising nerves
The above techniques work towards resetting and mobilizing nerves, enabling a healthy pain-free nervous system. Specific exercises are given to promote this.

Dry needling/Acupuncture
The clinic adopts a style known as western medical acupuncture and an advanced technique known as periosteal (bone) acupuncture. This brings noticeably quick results to chronic problems. Our clinic has noticed remarkable successes when using this specialist technique. Needling is a safe technique when performed by trained practitioners. We only use the best quality sterilised needles, and currently place no extra charge for them. Of course the most common question: Does it hurt? Some of our elderly patients hardly feel a thing!

The latest in electrotherapy and ultrasound
We are equipped with the latest in technology. Electrotherapy and Ultrasound reduces pain, promotes healthy soft-tissue and encourages nerve stimulation. Research shows Ultrasound to manipulate DNA replication and up-regulate protein production, thus enabling weakened and torn structures to be rebuilt, as well as the process of inflammation to be speeded up, and thus healing to occur much faster.