Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture: what is the difference?

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Osteopath, Osteopathy – Leicester

Many people don’t know what an Osteopath in Leicester is, or what an osteopath in Leicester does. To be quite frank, having studied part of the physiotherapy syllabus and being a registered osteopath who practices acupuncture in Leicester, I still don’t know! (more…)

Sciatica Leicester, a nerve in a hay-stack

What exactly is ‘Sciatica’

Well, firstly how on earth do you spell it? Syiatica, sciatic, sciatika maybe? I have even seen a variant spelt psyatica Leicester. Simply put – sciatic is the name given to a nerve that courses from a few points in the lower back (more…)

Sacroiliac joint sprains / hip pain

Sacroiliac joint sprain are the dimples in the back pf the hip where the hip meets the lowest part of the spine known as the sacrum. This joint is heavily surrounded by ligaments when overly-loaded, tear and can cause debilitating pain. (more…)

Back pain Leicester

Do you suffer from back pain in Leicester? Or perhaps you suffer from sciatica in Leicester? (more…)