Professional & personal biography of Yasin Tayebjee


University attended Qualification From-To
University of Coventry M-level Acupuncture module 2010
Oxford Brookes University BSc (Hons) Osteopathy– 2(i) 2004- 2009
British School of Osteopathy Acupuncture certification 2008-2008
University of Coventry Diploma (HE) Physiotherapy – Merit 2002-2004
University of Manchester BSc (Hons) Biological Science – 2(i) 1999-2002

Professional Status
Registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Registration number 13\7228\f


Name Position From-To
Town Osteopath Owner and clinician 2006 – present
College of Naturopathic Medicine


university of Worcester

Lead lecturer (Biomedicine)



Lecturer – sports therapy

2012 – present


2013 –


South Charnwood NHS Consultant osteopath (Band 8c-d) 2010-2011


Professional & personal biography of Yasin Tayebjee

Professional Interests

  • Initiating and chairing an ergonomic collaborative between Leeds Infirmary & Leeds University. Objectively evaluating the biomechanical forces in invasive cardiologists in-situ, with a view of designing and introducing cost effective equipment to objectively reduce and/or redistribute forces.
  • Undertaking a self-devised, managed and implemented project in conjunction with the GP chair of South Charnwood Primary Care Trust. Treating a range of musculoskeletal injuries. Audits have shown that in certain situations I am 3-4 times quicker than current recommended guidelines (N.I.C.E) in achieving excellent results, and have a particular skill in helping chronic conditions.
  • In the process of designing a further lead-on study to evaluate the outcome of specific conditions with markers ranging from: co-morbidities and previous treatments.

Skills & proficiencies

  • Joint manipulation & Soft tissue manipulation.
  • Ultrasound & Electrotherapy (EMS, TENS, Faradic).
  • Acupuncture.
  • Orthotic prescription (off-the-shelf, semi-bespoke, custom moulded).
  • Biomechanical analysis (athletes and general public).
  • Developing and implementing injury prevention strategies for athletes and the general public.
  • Exercise rehabilitation; including teaching of injury management (philosophy, anatomy, physiology, technique)  to personal trainers, as well as creating and monitoring tailor made  rehabilitation programmes.


  • With an interest in sociology and women’s rights, I have volunteered my services to an organisation called ‘Social Enterprise Development Initiative’. Here I was involved in both advising and editing a report intended to support policy makers involved in socioeconomic deprivation within ethnic minority groups in Manchester
  • I enjoy exercising both indoors and outdoors. I have created my own little gym in my clinic, in-between patients I can usually be found swinging from my chin-up bar or a quick burst of functionally training with free weights. I do enjoy teaching exercise routines to friends and family
  • Spending time with friends and family